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              SPORT OUTREACH

  Brain Injury and Health & Fitness Support




     Complete Support. Complete Results.

Providing You with Brain Injury and

Health & Fitness support. 

    Complete Support. Complete Results.


Sport Outreach Inc. is a community based rehabilitation business that supports clients with their Brain injury and Health & Fitness goals.

By providing a Complete Service, we ensure Complete Results.  


The Sport Outreach team consists of an experienced Physiotherapist, who provides assessments and treatments  and an amazing group of Rehabilitation Support Workers (RSW) with great knowledge and experience supporting clients in the areas of brain injury therapy and health & fitness support.  


Why health & fitness and brain injury?  The immediate impact of health & fitness rehabilitation on a brain injured client cannot be ignored.  Encouraging a client to participate in liesure and fitness activities in the community have proven scientifically beneficial for someone with a brain injury.  Just one step can increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and to the brain which in turn increases the chances of new neural connections to occur.  These new neural connections are a gateway to a new life increasing stamina, focus, memory, balance, and community interactions, just to name a few.  A client will also feel decreased pain, anxiety, depression, and poor behaviors.  Also having a fitness goal in the community can lead to great observations, monitoring and rehabilitation of a clients' behaviour, endurance, social skills, memory, awareness, health status, initiation and commitment.    


Our clients obtain complete results and state that since participating with our rehab team, they have increased confidence, social interactions, awareness, memory, stamina, balance, mobility, nutrition, and overall health and wellness.  Most rehabilitation support companies do not offer health & fitness support, therefore the client and team will have to outsource a personal trainer and equipment for the client, costing thousands in additional fees per month.  With Sport Outreach all services are under one umbrella, saving the client and team, time and money, while providing the highest customer service possible.  Sport Outreach has a service that truley cares and gives back to the client.    


Sport Outreach Inc. provides these medically supervised services to the patient at home or community:


  • Physiotherapy

  • Rehabilitation Support Workers

  • Personal Training Support

  • Nutrition Support

Sport Outreach Inc. is proud to annouce the following partnerships:


  • Parasport Ontario

  • Bootcamps for change

  • Mohawk college - Brain Disorders Management Program

Better Care Starts with You!


“Thanks Sport for all of your assistance in providing me with personal training at my condo gym.  Sport staff also assisted me with home organization, scheduling and grocery prep and shopping!”


Joey Dimasuay


“Sport Outreach staff was fantastic.  Mike (RSW) assisted my husband with a lot of home repairs such as tiling, hanging things on my wall, painting, installing hardwood flooring, building a deck in the backyard.  I can't tell you how much Mike has assisted my husband with house maintenance after my accident.  By trade my husband was a Carpenter and he has lost a lot of his focus and stamina.  He needed assistance big time.  Mike has also assisted my husband accessing the community as his driver's license was taken away after the accident.   ”  



“I would like to thank Sport Outreach and staff for accomadating my shcedule to visit the gym with me for personal training, also assist me with grocery shopping, and staying organized.

Marco Iannizi


“Years after my accident, I was struggling to get my thoughts organized and finish goals.  Thanks to Jerome (RSW) at Sport.  They assisted me in pursuing my career as a tennis instructor.

                                                                   Seth Kovnats

Thanks to Sport for their complete support.  They provided physio and rehab support for me.  It was really convient for me as I live in Brampton and was easy to access their clinic.  I was also able to get personally trained by a rehab support worker at the clinic as well.  They also provided me with a meal plan and menus for me to use as well!

                                                                   Scott Reimer